Vaseline Tips We Wish We Had Learned Before

Vaseline is somewhat of a jack of all trades, and, on this list, you’ll find dozens of different ways to use the product, many of which you probably haven’t heard of before. After reading this, you’ll surely want to pop down to your nearest store and pick up a $1.79 container of this wonder-moisturizer.

1. Use Vaseline As A Highlighter

Est. Cost: $1-$2*
Purpose: Replaces makeup, but has the same effect 

Zendaya and Kim Kardashian, two of the most famous fashion stars right now, have both been seen using Vaseline as highlighter. Instead of spending $20 or more on fancy makeup, a swipe of Vaseline will do the same thing.

Put Vaseline on the tops of your cheeks (or your forehead or the bridge of your nose if you want to catch the light). Vaseline will give your face a dewy, fresh glow, and the jelly will keep it moist.

2. Unstick A Zipper

Est. Cost: $1-$2*
Purpose: Lubricates a stuck zipper to loosen it 

Not only does this list have beauty and health hacks, but Vaseline can also be used for other useful things. You don’t have to worry if the zipper on your new Target jacket gets stuck; Vaseline can fix it.

Put a small amount of Vaseline on the zipper and the part that got stuck. Then, move the zipper around a bit. With a little bit of force, you should be able to get the zipper to move again thanks to the petroleum jelly.

3. Soften Your Feet

Est. Cost: $5*
Purpose: Smooths cracked, dry feet 

No one is wrong for needing a little help with their feet now and then. Don’t worry if your feet aren’t smooth and soft. Vaseline can fix that. You don’t have to go to Ulta and spend a lot of money on the newest and most expensive goods and tools for doing pedicures at home.

Vaseline will work. It will help dry feet and cracked toes. After that, put on some soft socks. It’s possible to fix even the worst cracked and dry feet and soles if you wear them overnight every night.

4. Get A Distressed Paint Look

Est. Cost: $1-$2*
Purpose: Can protect and distress furniture with no sanding

These days, distressed furniture is very popular, but it’s not easy to achieve with just a can of Sherwin-Williams paint. Vaseline makes it easy to get the look of old furniture while still saving the parts that haven’t been painted.

Put Vaseline on the parts of the wood that you want to stay bare and “distressed” before painting your furniture. After painting the project, let it dry, and then use a wet rag to wipe off the Vaseline. This will show the layer below the paint, which will give it a worn look without having to sand it.

5. Try This Lip Gloss Activity With Kids

Est. Cost: $5*
Purpose: Makes homemade lip gloss for kids 

For kids who want to wear makeup but aren’t quite old enough, this is a fun thing to do. You can make a cheap lip gloss for less than $5 with Kool-Aid and Vaseline. You can also make it in a lot of different flavours.

Put one cup of Vaseline in a bowl that can go in the microwave. Heat it for thirty seconds, or until it’s just barely liquid enough to stir. Then, add the flavour of Kool-Aid you want to the Vaseline mix. Put the “lip gloss” into a small jar or container made of glass. After letting it cool a bit, enjoy having soft lips that taste like fruit!

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