The most amazing million-dollar homes in Dubai

1. Floating Seahorse Villa

Year Built: 2020
Estimated Market Value: $3 Million*
Architect: Kleindienst Group

The part of the floating seahorse homes that is underwater is made up of a reinforced concrete box with windows on both sides that let you see the whole underwater world around the home. Down here, there are two bedrooms, and each one has its own bathroom. The water level part has a full kitchen with fold-out panels that can be used to hide it, a dining area and a bathroom.

On the upper floor of the seahorse, there is a jacuzzi and a big terrace for the people who live there. If you buy one of these houses, you won’t have to deal with noisy neighbours for long. Instead, you’ll enjoy the soothing sound of the waves hitting the front patio.

2. New Living on Water

Year Built: 2017I -2018
Estimated Market Value: Unknown
Architect: Unknown

A Dutch company called New Living on Water (NLW) brought these beautiful homes to Dubai. For their first project in the Middle East, they expect home sales to bring in about $150 million.

Even though the houses were in a big city, NLW tried to make them both beautiful and good for the environment, with a focus on giving the people who lived there privacy. There may not be many people interested in these houses, but a lucky few millionaires and billionaires will surely buy them quickly.

3. Duplex, Six Senses Residences

Year Built: Unknown
Estimated Market Value: $7.7 Million*
Architect: Select Group

The Six Senses Residences on the famous Palm Jumeirah is a good place to start if you live in Dubai and have made enough money to live in one of the city’s great neighbourhoods. There are two stories to this Sky Villa, which is 6,196 square feet and has almost everything you could need.

Most villas made in Dubai these days have an open-plan living area and an infinity pool. The villa’s hidden second kitchen, on the other hand, is not like the others. People who live in the Six Senses neighbourhood can also use the restaurant, bar and spa at the Six Senses Hotel.

4. Emirates Hills Supermansion

Year Built: N/A
Estimated Market Value: $25.5 Million*
Architect: B8 Architecture and Design Studio

There aren’t many homes in Emirates Hills that are as big as this 43,000-square-foot “super mansion.” This $25.5 million house has seven bedrooms and an open-plan entryway with double-height ceilings. It is perfect for people who not only enjoy the lap of luxury but also expect nothing less.

Its idea design shows a beautiful rooftop with a patio that goes all the way to the end and an infinity pool in the middle. The front courtyard of the house will be beautifully landscaped and have fountains that line the road. This is where the Bugattis, Ferraris and other high-end luxury cars will probably be kept.

5. Penthouse, Dubai Canal

Year Built: 2021-2023
Estimated Market Value: $23.4 Million*
Architect: Arquitectonica and Meyer Davis Studio

Arquitectonica and Meyer Davis Studio, two architecture companies, worked together with the talented Italian brothers Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani to create the Mr. C Residences, a paradise island on the Dubai Canal. A tower apartment with views of the Arabian Gulf that is 15,220 square feet and has five bedrooms and six bathrooms is one of the most sought-after homes in the complex.

There will be a formal dining room with enough room for ten people, as well as a rooftop deck with a sitting area and a swimming pool, in this 15,220 square-foot apartment. The 6-bedroom apartment will even have its own lift that only the owner and security guards will be able to use.

6. Sky Mansion, Ritz Carlton Residences

Year Built: 2020-2025
Estimated Market Value: $46.5 Million
Architect: Amar Sabeh

This Sky Mansion looks like it came from a fairy tale. It is in Dubai’s Creekside neighbourhood, in the Ritz-Carlton Residences. The whole 42,332-square-foot plot has been built on, so not a single inch of room has been wasted. This huge 8-bedroom house has enough space for everyone, whether you have a big family or just a lot of friends.

Depending on the time of year, residents of the Ritz Carlton’s Sky Mansion will be able to spot several exotic birds in the nearby Ras Al Khor nature reserve — which can be seen from one of the mansions encompassing floor-to-ceiling windows.

7. Frond N, Palm Jumeirah

Year Built: Unknown
Estimated Market Value: $22 Million*
Architect: Unknown

This house is on Fourth N and is part of the gated community Signature Villas estates at The Palm Jumeirah. It costs $22 million. The open-plan main foyer of the house has very high ceilings that are made even higher by the beautiful crystal chandelier that hangs above. But you won’t see how beautiful the place really is until you look around more.

The walls of this 13,578-square-foot ultramodern house hold an amazing thirteen bathrooms and six bedrooms. The rooftop gym on this Frank Gehry wonder is one of a kind. It has walls made of glass that wrap around the whole thing and give you a dreamlike view of one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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