What is the Best Video game of all time for Gamers and why is Important

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Mostly Video Game Lover Play Freefire Battleground Pubg Extra extra extra ………… But the All-time best Performer game provides for gamers. this is my opinion About the Game Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Gamers Mostly Loved & liked this Game. I also Love this game and My all-time Status Title is I Love Assassins Creed IV Black Flag this Game Then right now try to play this game Everyone knows about the AC series, so I will just tell you what made this title my favourite.

  • Most Popular Features this Game

1. The Weather System

Nothing can beat the weather system and features of this game. Multiple tornadoes and high tides where some of the best things I have encountered in a game . sometimes you can see both occuring at the same time.

2. Story of Edward Kenway

Edward, first of Kenways to become an assassian, was at the beginning a soldier in the nany but at the end of Golden Era of pirates , he became a pirate. trained to fight with templars, who wants to find a mysterious place, which , acording to the rumors, hides a power to take control over the whole world.


3. Storyline of Assassin’s Creed IV

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, like in the previous part of this series refers to the real characters and historical events. thanks to that, you will meet the most famous pirates like Edward Teach, knows as a Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold or charles Vane.

4. Naval Combat

Optional and linear naval battles were featured in assassin’s Creed 3, and were well received. In Black Flag the combat systems, motion simulations, tactics and progression levels have been enhanced significantly, not to mention next-gentrified graphical and audio fidelity as will as the freedom of an open world.

5. Sound track

Music is so great, it gives you great feeling while playing a game like black flag. the violins have this uncanny ability to make you feel as if you are sailing on the high seas, hanging out at a pirate dive, watching a swashbuckling Battle, or feeling the melancholy tunes of a buccaneer when its not all drinking, looting and stabbing

5. Game Role Hero Edward Kenway

Men Dream. But dreams hold no value here. What was first the bright light of hope has now turned into a long night of captivity. Lost in the dark, we surrender our minds and forget who we are. But some of us have woken up. They remind us that we all have a choice. to stand not kneel. to oppose, not obey to live, not just exit your goal Edward was a very interesting character. He started with having no regard for anyone, he just wanted to make money, which is a very interesting take on an individual in The Assassin’s creed, But later on in the game, you see change in Edward as he shows remorse and sympathy and becomes a loving father. Furthermore, he is confident and daring since he has no fears in the game. I hope you guys You might have liked this post



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