Tears of the Kingdom’s Players Who Are Suffering From Bolton’s Weak Memory

Tears of the Kingdom's Players Who Are Suffering From Bolton's Weak Memory

The players of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have shared their thoughts that NPC Link, known as Bolson, spends a significant amount of time with them in the previous game. When their encounter takes place near the Lurelin Village. they react to seeing him as if he were a stranger, evoking various emotions from the fans.

Bolson, an NPC link, can spend a considerable amount of time in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, behaving as if he doesn’t even know Link in the Tears of the Kingdom. Players are sharing their emotions on this matter, which includes deep sorrow over acceptance and the breaking of relationships, believing that it could be a consequence of their previous heroic actions.

It Seems Like Bolson Doesn’t Remember The Link to Breath of the Wild and His Terrible Memory is Hurting The Feelings of The Skilled Players

Tears of the Kingdom Breath of the Wild, is a direct sequel to which means that in the game, many NPCs are the same characters that players encountered as Link in the game’s timeline, either recently or have spent time with. However, Bolson, a character with whom players can spend an incredibly long time, does not remember the time spent with them.

One player posted on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit how Bolson’s poor memory in the previous game made the things they did together unimportant, and several others echoed his thoughts. Most of the players sympathized with the sentiments expressed saying like dude you helped me build my house. I let you walk on my lawn as long as you need to. We both attended Hudson’s wedding together. Bolson and Link will have a really deep connection. Link likely stayed in the house the couple built together while Bolson slept on the lawn, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that Bolson would treat Link as a stranger.

However, some players are making meaningful arguments to the contrary, “Bolson only had 2 things in mind; stay gay, build. You can’t expect him to need to remember people’s names.” While Bolson and Link spent a lot of time together, it could be said that it might be easy for an NPC to forget Link because he has other things to do.

Most of these comments are humorous, but for those players who experience strong reactions, there is something to be said that reflects the feeling of the first time an NPC, with whom they have developed a deep connection with their character. fails to recognize them Rejection hurts in all its forms, even if it comes from a formerly little video game character.

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