Powerwash Simulator Is Adding Gyroscopic Controls For The Switch In The Next Free Update

Powerwash Simulator Is Adding Gyroscopic Controls For The Switch In The Next Free Update

Developer FutureLab has confirmed that the next update to Powerwash Simulator will bring bug fixes and potentially new content, as well as add gyroscope controls to the Switch version. Gyroscope controls have been a long-awaited feature that fans of the game have wanted ever since it was first released on the platform.

Powerwash Simulator Switch players are excited by the fact that FutureLab is finally introducing gyroscopic controls to the game. Although it worked well on Nintendo’s handheld platform, the lack of this feature always felt like a missed opportunity in terms of convenience.

The PowerWash Simulator 2023 Roadmap is Full of New Content Including Gyroscopic Controls For the Switch

The official Twitter account of the game recently posted the 2023 roadmap for Powerwash Simulator. It also provides details about each upcoming major DLC in the game for the remainder of 2023. However, the statement mentions that more updates are planned but not shown in the roadmap. Interestingly, one of the most interesting details of the roadmap comes from an answer to a fan’s question.

Announcements and Advertisements. Update roadmap. feel free to guess

PowerWash Simulator (@PowerWashSim) July 4, 2023

Despite wanting to go deeper into some of the D.L.C related to Warhammer 40K and some images titled The Manking Files, the user wanted to inquire about Switch support. The account responded with the words fans have been waiting to hear since the game’s release, “It’s coming with the next free update!”

He’s coming with the next free update!

PowerWash Simulator (@PowerWashSim) July 4, 2023

Powerwash Simulator is a first-person powerwashing game where players clean different parts of a land using a powerwasher. Gyroscope-based controls allow players to move around the console and aim their washer spray. Although these controls are only available to a select few, the lack of options has discussed all aspects of the game’s reviews.

The last update for Powerwash Simulator was released on June 29, so the next update may still be a month or more away. Once released, FutureLab has confirmed that they will continue to work on bringing the game to VR platforms. Latest information suggests that the VR version will be released sometime in 2023, but no specific date is available at the time of writing.

The fact that fans are asking the developer about VR versions and gyroscopic controls in one post demonstrates the passion of the Powerwash simulator community. Before the end of the year, the game will receive McIngham and Warhammer 40K DLC, as well as two other undisclosed packs that will enhance it.

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