Pokemon Go Players Have Been Praising Niantic For The Long Awaited Raid Feature

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The Pokemon Go community has demanded various features during the game’s out time, and it is clear that the recent layoffs, including the announcement of the new Campfire app and the recent layoffs, will benefit Pokemon Go players. Niantic is striving to improve the game. Developers have stated that they are developing it as a “forever game.”

With all that said, some users living in the Red lobby are starting to see a very beneficial feature added to their games, and fans are grateful.

Niantic Has Added a Ready Button To Pokemon Go Raids

In many games, there is often a Ready Up button. This allows players to sit and wait for others to join without starting a match that isn’t ready yet. So if a player wants to wait in the game and want to start when everyone is ready, he can do that and then when everyone is ready, press the ready button and the game will start.

Some Pokemon Go players have started seeing this button pop up on their screen in different reds. To make room for the new Ready button, as indicated by one player, the Pokémon Party name has suddenly been taken down.

Another player in the comments shared some remarkable thoughts about the new button, mentioning that he received the update two days ago. The button works with all kinds of different Raid Passes, is available in both public and private lobbies, and is activated when there are two or more players in the lobby. When only 15 seconds are left, the Ready button disappears, and once all players have clicked Ready, the countdown automatically decreases to 10 seconds. However, if a raid reaches 20 players, a 10-second countdown begins immediately. It’s really amazing that Niantic has finally added this feature and it’s made their community absolutely happy.

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