Kingdom Eighties: Heat of Greed Review – It Can’t be Enough on Its Own

Kingdom Eighties: Heat of Greed Review - It Can't be Enough on Its Own

If you’ve played the Kingdom New Lands games, you might want to try your hand at the latest spin-off, Kingdom Age: Summer of Greed.” And even if you’ve never heard of the Kingdom series, you’ll want to experience this beautiful gem. A simple strategy and base building game, it captures the essence of the 80s era as well as the weirdest stuff and Saturday morning cartoons from your childhood.

Some of the game mechanics in Kingdom Eighty are as simple as anything from the 1980s. Simplicity can be a fault, at least in the beginning, although if you’re unfamiliar with the series, starting out may feel a little lost. Ultimately the game involves collecting coins and spending them based on your preferences to upgrade. You can throw coins at the kids and assign them to help you. By spending a coin on a tree, your recruited children will cut it down, expanding your base camp. And thats pretty much it.

Well, almost: You’re inconvenienced by strange, sticky creatures that come out in the night threatening your base. To keep yourself safe, you strengthen your defenses. You’ll want to spend coins to make sure you have enough military equipment and arrows. As you expand your camp, you’ll have opportunities to earn more coins for your routes – maybe others or plucking berries from the trees. Coins are the key to success in 1980s Coin Kingdom, so you’ll want as many coins as possible.

Kingdom Eighties

And so, yes, Kingdom At The general premise is straightforward, but the gameplay is incredibly satisfying. Finding the boundaries of your camp is rewarding, and you’ll feel proud every time your recruits successfully fend off an attack. However, the real fun comes from achieving the objectives in each level. Kingdom Eighties There are total four levels. The first task is to get a boat from the monsters, which will allow you to leave the camp. You then head through the high street to the mall on a mission to rescue your parents.

Advancing through a level essentially means pushing back against enemies, destroying their obstacles in the process. Once you’ve upgraded your base camp enough, you’ll be able to build a defensive ram a dumpster on wheels — and your offensive recruits will be able to fire at any enemy you control while you’re at it. As you advance in the game, you’ll also unlock additional defensive equipment like auto-firing robots.

Kingdom Eighties

You’ll probably finish Kingdom Eighties in just a few hours. but replayability is a good reason to dive back in with different difficulty levels. Easy mode, it’s an easy task, but if you’re new to it, it’s a good place to start playing. The format will feel very familiar if you’ve played any other Kingdom games, and therefore, starting with a higher difficulty level is a wise choice. However, no matter which difficulty you choose, you’ll have a good time.

Perhaps the biggest draw of the Kingdom Eighties era is just how great it looks. Its pixelated visuals are absolutely dazzling, each scene filled with beautiful, colorful details. In fact, even if you don’t need to, you’ll be forced to explore every level to its outer edges to admire the environment. With most levels set by a lake or water feature, you get the added benefit of being immersed in captivating surroundings, and the result is truly stunning.

This will only last you so long, but it’s worth spending some time with Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed. The gameplay is simple and impressive, and you’ll enjoy pushing back enemies while expanding your base camp. There’s limited guidance, but you’ll soon get a handle on what to do and enjoy spectacular views while doing so.

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This review of Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed is facilitated by a code provided by the publisher. It is available on PC.

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