How To Catch Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Sleep

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Pokemon Sleep trainer, Professor Neroli, is equipped with the Sleep Styles study mission to catch Shiny Pokemon. Similar to most Pokemon games, including the connected Pokemon Go, Shiny Pokemon are special editions with rarer colors and are considered lucky. However, the notable difference in this game is that players have to keep track of their sleep in order to find and capture them. Instead of engaging in long battles, they need to rely on strategies and tactics to achieve speedy gains.

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Whether you use your phone or a Pokemon Go Plus+ device to track sleep, trainers will be able to wake you up after 90 minutes or more of sleep. They’ll also have the option of catching friendly Pokemon and interacting with them after they sleep. However, in order to increase the shiny encounter rate, players will need to consistently get more gold. Players will need patience to find these rare Pokémon as it can take a lot of time and good habits before encountering a Shiny Pokemon.

How to Get More Shiny Pokemon Encounters

When using Pokemon Sleep, the player’s Drowsy power can affect their rate of catching Shinys via Snorlax on their home screen. This Drowsy power increases with the player’s sleep score after a single sleep. The Lure’s nature will be determined by the Snorlax score the player gets up to.

Be sure to give Snorlax Snorlium during the day, get at least 7-8 hours or more of sleep, and eat biscuits to help you befriend the Pokemon in the sleeping team. Players also get a chance to transform Snorlax into a Shiny Pokémon every week!

How to Catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokémon Sleep

Similar to Pokémon Go, there is no guaranteed method of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. However, players may have a slight chance of encountering an instance in 500 attempts during their gameplay. On the other hand, finding Shiny Pokemon does seem rewarding, and some trainers will be lucky enough to actively participate in Pokemon Go’s Community Day events in 2023, where many of them may be caught by trainers.

Be sure to stock up on Biscuit, a new special way to add Pokemon to a player’s sleeping team. The more friendship points a Pokemon has, the more likely the player is to keep it.

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