Glimmora weaknesses and best counters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Glimmora is a strong, heavy, defensive Pokémon that is presented in the Scarlet and Violet versions. It has a unique, somewhat mysterious design and can poison those it attacks. Apparently The puzzling design, unusual combinations, poison-spewing moves and abilities can make fighting against Glimmora frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be. Glimmora weaknesses and optimal counters in the Scarlet and Violet versions are listed here in our guide.

Glimmora weaknesses and best counters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Glimmora’s weaknesses

Due to Glimmora Rock/Poison typing, both Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have several weaknesses and counters, the biggest being Ground. Both Rock and Poison are vulnerable to Ground-type moves. This means that when Glimmora is used, ground-type moves become up to four times more powerful in countering it.

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Glimmora’s other weaknesses will deal twice the amount of damage they usually do, including steel, water, and psychic aspects. Although Glimmora’s is strong defensively, it is weak compared to many common offensive types in the game.

Glimmora’s stats

Sure, let’s talk about the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet figures in Glimmora. Its base stat total is 525, excellent for a non-legendary or legendary Pokémon, and its highest stat ever is its special attack.

In terms of defenses, Glimmora’s basic special defense is 81, while her basic physical defense is 90. This means that Glimmora is more powerful against special attacks.

Glimmora counters

Taking advantage of these weaknesses, currently, Scarlet and Violet’s best Glimmora counters, will have a strong, specialized ground-type move. Earth Power is a great example; It’s a ground-type move, it’s unique, and it has 90 base power. This move is probably your best move against Glimmora, but there are several options available.

Most Ground-type moves are physical-based and are used by the Pokémon for direct physical attacks, such as Donfan, Garchomp, or Tyranitar’s Earthquake. There is no significant difference between Glimmora’s physical and special defenses, so these moves are just as viable as counters and are used in combat.

There are other types of Glimmora that are weak and they have many strong special moves to counter the dangerous rock/poison types. There are different psychic types, such as Gardivoir and Gallade. These two are strong experts who learn powerful moves like psychics.

In terms of different water types, Paldia is filled with unique water species like the Veluza Pokémon, which represents both water and physical types. As a physical attack, Veluza learns various concrete moves in addition to his water and psychic abilities.

The last counter I want to talk about here is a unique typing Pokemon Tinkaton. Tinkaton is a Fairy/Steel type, and due to its Fairy typing, it should be vulnerable against Poison, but its additional Steel typing makes it immune to the effects of Poison status and Poison-type moves. Although its base stats are not impressive, Tinkton has learned a signature move called the Gigaton Hammer. Gigaton Hammer is a Steel-type move, 100% accurate, and has a base power of 160. In particular, some Glimmoras should be able to survive the Gigaton Hammer, making Tinkaton the top counter to both Scarlet and Violet.

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