Final Fantasy 16 ad Depicts Cats as Ifrit and Phoenix

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The latest advertisement for Final Fantasy 16 has taken a live-action approach, featuring an unusual preference for selecting cats as Ifrit and Phoenix, as these two icons battle each other. Icons of the Fire Eikons have been created, as the son of the warlike cat, Rosaria, recreates his epic performance in the sky above his Duchy.

In the Final Fantasy 16 demo on the PS5, the beginning chapter of the game is shown, where the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, experiences his darkest day. His brother, Joshua, who is the leader of Phoenix and capable of transforming into a fire icon when pushed, is attacked by a person with Ifrit’s powers. Both engage in one of the most impactful battles against each other, using their respective mastery of the sword to try and overpower one another.

Cats play FF16’s Eikons In Latest Advert

FINAL FANTASY XVI boasts extremely high production values, including some of the best graphics ever for PS5. However, Square Enix was biding its time as the latest merch commercial casts cats in place of Eikons in the opening scene. The new ad can be viewed on the Official PlayStation YouTube Channel.

One of the cats has fiery phoenix wings attached to its body, while the other has flickering Ifrit horns that rise above its collar and over its head. The second version of the advertisement is available on the official Japanese PlayStation account, as can be seen in the link provided below, featuring various cats in the roles of Phoenix and Ifrit.

/ FINAL FANTASY XVI! /FXVI. 622.FF16 June 21, 2023

The owners of these cats deserve appreciation for their training skills because the cats roam around wearing small outfits without any complaint. In the past, as an owner of a cat, you couldn’t put a small paper hat on their head for two seconds without them behaving as if you had thrown acid on their face. The fact is that these cats dress up like icons without any pretense, indicating how well-behaved they are as pets.

The battle between Ifrit and Phoenix in FF16 is one of the most emotionally devastating moments, where the story’s incredibly deep emotional tone is set in stone. The advertisement for a cat fails to capture the same level of despair and fear as the original scene, but it still manages to be attention-grabbing and serves as a fantastic way to advertise FF16 to the general public.

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