DMZ Player’s Discovery Makes It Easy To Be The Most Annoying Warzone Player Ever Easier Than Ever Before

DMZ Player’s Discovery Makes It Easy To Be The Most Annoying Warzone Player Ever Easier Than Ever Before

The DMZ extraction mode of warzone, launched at the end of 2022, has been extremely popular among players. However, there is a significant difference between completing missions and extracting the items required, with most tasks centered around locating and extracting valuable objects. This is why the Exfil Helicopter is crucial.

A helicopter is an essential mode of transportation for players to reach themselves in any exclusion zone. In Warzone Season 4, it is one of the buildings, either Building 21, Al Majarrah, Ashika Island, or Vermal. You need to find your way to the extraction point, call the helicopter, and stay alive until its arrival. After that, it will take you and your restricted items to a secure location via an aerial route. However, it is not as easy as it used to be now.

On June 24th, a Redditor revealed that it is possible to shoot enemies from a helicopter through the floor.

You will need a powerful long-range weapon like a RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade) and accurate firing capabilities to shoot accurately. Continuous shooting will also be required because the lower part of the helicopter works as a buffer, meaning your shots won’t cause significant damage. If you deliver sufficient strikes, you will receive an ejection and a successful ejection will be prevented.

The post has attracted a lot of attention, and some players jokingly asked why such “forbidden knowledge” is being shared.

It will definitely be distressing if you are one of those unfortunate souls who were killed while paving their way to freedom. However, it is entirely justified to target enemies at any point in the game.

It also appears that players can be revived by their teammates even when they are dropped and extracted by an Exfil Chopper. A player mentioned that they missed the Exfil Chopper, but their teammate made it. After being killed on the way out, the player found their body and looted items dropped from the Exfil Helicopter. They revived their teammate and then left together.

“We will leave it to your discretion – it is like deciding whether to eliminate an enemy player and then accepting their plea for help or not.”


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