Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide : How To Use DreamSnaps

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide : How To Use DreamSnaps

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun place with lots of fun things to do, but the new DreamSnaps feature makes it even more interesting, allowing you to connect with your Valley’s fellow community in more ways. By taking photos that meet specific guidelines, you can participate in weekly contests, vote on others’ submissions, and earn some amazing cosmetics and furniture. No matter how much you want to get involved in Dreamsnaps, here’s how things work.

How to use DreamSnaps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To learn more about DreamSnaps, we’ll break down all the details for you. But first, in order to start participating in DreamSnaps contests, you need to unlock that feature by meeting Vanellope. We’ve put together a quick guide to unlocking Vanellope, so follow that and then read about all the work.

Entering weekly challenges

A new DreamSnaps challenge begins every Wednesday at 9am EST. For each week’s challenge, you must submit a picture that meets specific expectations, such as involving clothing or furniture with specific colors or specific tags such as stylish, gorgeous, amazing, etc. In some cases, you may also be required to include a special character in your picture in order to enter.

You can go to your Events tab and then scroll down to Dreamsnaps > Current Challenge where you can see the current week’s challenge. Here, you’ll find all the requirements you’ll need to meet in order to submit a photo.

You can use the Filter button to filter by color, quality, and style by opening the Wardrobe or Furniture menu and clicking on specific categories, which are located at the top right corner of the box. This will help you conveniently sort through the options available to you to get the most out of your photos.

Once you’re sure you’re ready to take a good shot, open your camera and take a picture with all the items and clothing you want included. After capturing the photo, select Show Dreamsnaps (found just below your new photo) and make sure everything is checked. If this checklist meets all the minimum requirements, you can hit the submit button.

You can go to the Events tab and then scroll down to DreamSnaps > Vote Now to vote on other people’s submissions as well.


Voting in the Weekly Challenge will earn you 50 Moonstones, while your submission will earn you at least 300 Moonstones and a box full of beauty items, while photos of the top five players of the week can win you up to 5,500 Moonstones. If you are interested in making this kind of money, put some real effort into taking your photos.

Additionally, your submissions may get you pixel dust. This currency fills a progress bar that will increase your DreamSnaps level in the ‘Dreamsnaps’ tab each time it fills up. Pixel dustiness affects the quality of your photos, so exceed the Weekend Challenge requirements by providing as many furniture and clothes as possible with the requested colors and features.


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