Armored Core 6 Will Run On Same Engine As Elden Ring & Sekiro

Armored Core 6 Will Run On Same Engine As Elden Ring & Sekiro

Armored highly anticipated Core 6 is on the way, and fans are gearing up for their first attempt at an action title after a long absence with a new title. Apart from having an amazing time playing the game, it also serves as a goldmine for the modding and designing communities, as it has been confirmed that the Armor Core 6 will be using the same engine as sekiro and Elden Ring.

Players Are Excited at the Possibilities for Armored Core Modding With Engine Revelation

The news comes from Twitter user @manfightdragon, also known as Lance McDonald. He is a prominent modder who created the popular Bloodborne mod that allowed the game to run at 60FPS and also brought content around other From Software titles. In his tweet, he claimed that he “can confirm 100% that Armored Core 6 is now running on the Elden Ring / sekiro engine.” For modders, this news will be welcome.

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Reddit users have expressed their enthusiasm for the Armored Core’s modding potential. Some have offered suggestions for mods, such as adding an Elden Ring boss to the game or creating a possible mech based on Gundam’s Voltron. Another humorous user suggested giving Thomas a tank engine, which would certainly add an interesting twist.

HUGE news if you’re familiar with Sekiro/ER’s modding and datamining scene
by u/AndroidPolaroid in armoredcore

It also helped make games with this engine, which include Elden Ring, run well on consoles and PC, boast impressive visuals and claimed build quality, which has been translated into From Software’s latest titles. are supposed to.

Titles such as Elden Ring and sekiro have thriving modding and datamining communities, where players constantly dig into files to uncover game secrets or create and integrate meaningful content into the game. Considering the significant number of mods for these titles and the apparent desire to create mods, this bodes well for both dedicated players and modders. Hopefully in the near future, we will see a lot of mods emerging for the games.

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